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This post maybe is not a technical as my other previous posts. It’s about choosing good panel that longlasting. We always find a better panel. I have experiences in using webmin, ajenti and ispconfig, oftenly cpanel when i’m using my client webhosting.

All in all, I see many factors that should consider to pick The best one. Such as, its features, gui including its responsivity to many various screen especially mobile devices, and last but not least who will using it, is it customer(end-user), admin, or reseller.

I set this perspective on this article as an admin. I know, using command line is very powerfull. Many times I use ssh and also using many tools in bash enviroment to get easier to manage. But when the domain increasing, span of controll widen. I always think sometime, I’m being forgetful person to remember many configuration, path, or also password for multiple databases, independent port for using specific services.

Then I choose webmin to help me manage many service that running backgroundly. Why ? because its free, yes (i’m using the free version), and also many modules are support webmin, and I feel the panel blended completely with my operating system such as ubuntu(oftenly) or centos. I also install usermin for manage user, its email and their services, what i really hate about webmin is its native theme, yeah.. its suck. many of my friends who also had experience in using webmin dont really like it either. But I have solution to settle my decision, using responsive theme like authenthic